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The Dust Boot protects the Disc-Brake Piston Seal from road dirt, debris and other contaminants that might damage and/or cause premature wear of the Seal and thus, failure of the Caliper.

The Piston Seal creates a seal between the Disc-Brake Caliper body and the Piston, allowing the hydraulic fluid in the Caliper to be retained under pressure.

Boot & Seal Kit Offering

abs # Description IBI # BBP #
666-abs Kit - Volvo 240 Girling Rear 76/87 15109 N/A
11030-abs Boot & Seal Kit - Mustang Rear N/A N/A
15081A-abs Boot & Seal Kit - Nissan N/A N/A
15082A-abs Boot & Seal Kit - Nissan N/A N/A

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